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Why do you need interior design.

  • Are you a person who has his own style.
  • You are saving, not like throwing “good money after bad.”
  • You are motivated and want to see the end result.
  • You do not want to live in constant repair.
  • You want comfort but want to save your budget.
  • You want originality, but take into account their financial capabilities.
  • You zabudivelnyk or Realtor and targeting a buyer who needs a finished product – a comfortable home “turnkey”.

We work for clients. Take into account all the wishes and financial possibilities. The key to a positive outcome is our collaboration with the client.

Stages of collaboration:

  1. Interviews (interrogation) client. Studying his wishes, tastes, and preferences.
  2. Our advice to the client, taking into account our experience and professional skills.
  3. Analysis of the object – the object we peremiryayemo completely alone, doing photo-fixing.
  4. Your wishes, in the dialogue, we learn the most of everything you need to create the same interior for you. If you need to fill out survey questionnaire. Agree on issues related to redevelopment, if it is present. All this we form a technical job.
  5. Creates a design project. Creates a detailed 3D model of the interior, it moved chosen materials, furniture, colors and technique. Creates 3D visualization.
  6. After approval of the project design package created working drawings
  7. Supervision by the client

Details of the steps you can read in the appropriate section – ” stages of the customer . 

If you liked a certain style in our portfolio, we can apply to your interior. This interior will not be the same as in any interior there is a difference in size, functionality, technical solutions, customer requests.

Terms of

Usually the object area to 50m2 – 2-4 weeks, 100-300m2 -1-2 months, including coordination with the client. Possible options for individual configuration and discuss the cost of your project. Terrace, swimming pool, garage, technical areas are calculated by the coefficient 1/2 or 1/3.


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